Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Visiting Teaching Report Sheet

I was recently called as a visiting teaching coordinator and I'm very lucky to have five great women working with me as district supervisors.  

We held a training meeting the other day at my house, it was lovely to sit and discuss together the beginnings and importance of visiting teaching along with ideas, concerns etc.  I found Chapter 7 of 'Daughters in My Kingdom' really handy when compiling my thoughts and instruction.

I gave each of the supervisors a wallet containing the list of companionships in their districts (you can get this off of MLS), also a great quote from Thomas S. Monson on the importance of reporting, post-it notes, pen, highlighter, and some visiting teaching report sheets. 

I thought the VT report sheet would help to remind the sisters of their need to report their visiting teaching, as well as help the supervisors to collect their information in.  We put the sheets on a little A5 clipboard with a trimmed down Relief Society Purpose Poster on the back it and used self-adhesive film to attach it.

We hand round the clipboard at the beginning of Relief Society each Sunday so that the sisters can take a sheet to fill out at home or complete there and then.

You can't see from the photo but at the bottom of each sheet we included a list of all the supervisors/coordinator names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Click on the link above to download the report sheets, (you can choose from 4-6 sisters visited).  I hope this idea helps your wards and branches to collect the information, but more importantly to do their Visiting Teaching.