Wednesday, 1 April 2015

20+ Ideas for memorizing the Articles of Faith

Memorizing the 13 Articles of Faith can seem like a mammoth task to anybody - old or young...I personally still get a bit muddled up trying to quote #10!!

So a while ago I printed up the Articles of Faith on A4 card for my kids and laminated them (of course!), they are now regularly used around the home - in bedrooms/kitchen/before family scripture study/FHE to help and remind us of them.

Recently I made some smaller cards which have the first letter of each word each of the Articles of Faith, this is great to help the older children, and super for popping in your Sunday bag to help keep them entertained during sacrament.

Thought I'd look online and find some other great ideas to help my children (and me) become better at learning and memorizing them...lots of links & pictures are below. 

Articles of Faith flashcards -- All Things Bright and Beautiful
1st Article of Faith -- LDS scripture study for kids
8th Article of Faith -- LDS Games
Articles of Faith cards -- Latter-day chatter

Article of Faith posters -- A year of FHE

1st Article of Faith -- LDS Games

Articles of Faith keys -- Finch Family Games
Teaching the Articles of Faith -- The Giggly Girls Guide
(LOADS of great ideas to help learn AoF in the link above)

Articles of Faith Jeopardy -- Shannon Makes Stuff

Hope you and your family enjoy learning the Articles of Faith
again and again and again :)

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