Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Easy Peasy Cushion Covers

I made these cushion covers last night and I love 'em...I'm thinking I might get protective of them when it comes to sticky fingers!! I made the plain cushion at the back in 30 minutes (from start to finish) and the ones at the front took me just over 45 minutes to make....my mind is whizzing with all the possibilities for the ones at the front. :)

The cushions are made from just one long piece of fabric and as I haven't attempted zips yet so they are just envelope style.

Measure the width and height of the pillow you want to cover.  Mine measured 18" wide and 13" high, so for the width I multiplied it by two, added on 1" for seam allowance and then 5" for the overlap on the back (you could make the overlap slightly larger if you want)...so total width added up to 42".  For the height I just added on 1" for the seam allowance.

I cut my fabric using my measurements (42" x 14").

Overlock the smaller ends of your fabric (so I sewed my two 14" ends)...my overlock isn't too great on my machine so I use my zig zag stitch and let one point go off the fabric so that it rolls the edge and stops it from fraying.

Turn over the now overlocked ends (1-1.5cm) and sew using the edge of your machines foot along the edge of your folded fabric.

Ignore this bit (and the next few) if you are just doing a plain cover...pin your printed fabric making sure it sits central to your cushion, make sure to check the over lapping of the fabric on the back is fairly central.  For how to print onto fabric click here for one of my previous posts.

I sewed round my fabric twice, the first time I just did a straight line, the second time I did a bit of wiggling...I like the finished result and the frayed edge, but you could appliqué etc.

Have the front of your fabric/pillow face up, then fold one end over and then the other...work the fabric so that it is the width of your pillow (making sure if you have attached a design/fabric that this is still central) and so that the overlap is fairly central again, then pin along the top and bottom.

Sew along the two pinned edges using the 1cm guide on your sewing machine, and then overlock the two edges you've just sewn to stop them from fraying.

Turn the pillow the right way out and ta da you have a super duper pillow case for your settee.

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