Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Faith in God books...for Parents

We've just recently had a new Faith in God leader called and she asked to visit with our eldest two children in our home so she could introduce herself, see what goals they had achieved and to set new ones.  On asking to see the kids books, only one was produced, and the other was lost...again!!  It's probably with all the odd socks and pens that mysteriously go missing in our house...sooo got to find that place one day ;)

Anyway, to help out I got down 'our' copies of the Faith in God booklets that have listed against each goal the date and what the child has done to achieve it.  Our new leader thought this was a great idea, especially as books go missing (quite frequently) and leaders can change.  So I thought I'd share it, in the hope that we can always be one step ahead of those missing books ;)  I keep our copies on a high shelf, so that there's no chance of them getting muddled up with kids ones...or getting lost for that matter!!

I would love to hear what do you do to help your children with their Faith in God goals etc????

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