Thursday, 10 May 2012

Temple Ordinance Card Holder Tutorial

I use to keep my printed Ordinance Cards on the fridge with a simple magnet, but after being embarrassed handing across one card with a splash of tomato sauce on it, I wanted to make something that would protect my cards but still keep them in a place where I can see them on a regular basis.  So below is the result, it's super easy and fairly quick, and luckily didn't cost me a thing as I had everything I needed to hand, but even if you don't it still shouldn't cost too much :)

Materials needed
clear CD sleeve
double-sided tape
adhesive magnet tape

I started by cutting off the flap on my clear CD sleeve (but you might be lucky and yours might not have one), so that I was left with a square...if you look closely you'll see I made the back a bit larger than the front, but this isn't necessary.

I chose some pretty card and printed off the first line to the words of the song 'I love to see the Temple' using a font size of 26 with a free font called 'Daniel' ...this link is great for loads of other free fonts too, they have hand picked a load of free fonts from the web, so definitely take a look.  If you don't have a computer you could write on some words or use stickers instead.

Then I placed my Ordinance Card in the sleeve and placed it on top of my printed words to make sure it was all lined up and central.  I marked with pencil either side at the top of the sleeve, placed a ruler on top and slid the sleeve and then cut with my rotary cutter.  This was then my guide for cutting the rest of my card, I made sure my card slightly smaller than the sleeve to make it fit in nicely without warping.

I then stuck double-sided tape to either side of the card and carefully slid it into the sleeve and stuck it into place, and then attached the adhesive magnet strips on the top and bottom. 

I flipped it over, put my cards in and it was done :)  When my cards are facing outwards I love the fact that the words of the song are so apt for the person on the card.  I hope you like this post, because I've loved the simplicity and easiness of it, but also how effective and pretty it is.

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