Friday, 20 July 2012

Simple DIY Pamper Gift

I've just finished making 13 of these for the children's teachers at school and nursery, and they all seemed to love them....and they only cost me 50p each!! :)

Each one contained a shower puff and a coloured bar of soap...

I wrapped them in cellophane and tied with ribbon and/or alternate it a bit I cut some tissue paper slightly smaller than the cellophane and then wrapped them up, it's hides what you are giving and also adds a bit of colour if needed.  Cellophane is one of the best things I've ever bought to fancy things up a bit, definitely worth the investment...I bought a roll of clear wrap from my local florist.

I made a DIY stamp for the tags, click on link for my DIY foam stamp tutorial and then just wrote in pencil the word 'pamper' underneath.  The kids then wrote a message to their teachers on the back.  Yeahhh, job done...and since it's now the summer holidays I think I might just treat myself to one of these pamper kits too :)

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