Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two Beginners Tips for using your sewing machine

I'm three weeks into a dressmaking course, and I'm loving it.  I'm learning so much and it's already teaching me how to control my machine all I used to do was straight lines and full steam ahead, lol!!

Anyway, in our first lesson our teacher handed out a driving test for our sewing machine, we didn't use thread and had to manoeuvre our needle round sharp corners, curves and wiggles...we were allowed 3 mistakes and surprising I only made one, so I passed first time!!  Below is one that is similar to the one I did in class.  I might let my girls have a go at this too, so that they get use to the feel of my sewing machine before I let them loose on it :)

                                                                      St Bedes RC School 
                                                                Sewing Machine Driving Test

Our teacher then suggested that we make a stitch book for our machine, so that we could see what they look like on fabric and be able to choose the right stitch for the job in hand.  Up till now I've just stuck to the same old stitch for everything, so I felt like a bit of a dare devil trying out the new stitches, haha!!  As I did each one, I referenced the stitch with the number on my machine.

I will let you know of anything else I learn in class that might help a newbie like me :)

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