Monday, 6 July 2015

Young Women's Camp Cup Song

I loved the cup song from the first time I heard it...and years on, it's still one of my favourites.  I've never quite mastered how to do it mind you, I normally end up slapping myself and banging the cup all over the place, lol!!!  But it's on my bucket list so one day I WILL master how to do the cup 'routine'.

I wrote these words to the tune for our Young Women's (YW) camp and the girls really enjoyed singing it and quite a lot of the younger YW had never done it before.  

Even when we had 'down time' the YW enjoyed getting the cups out and singing different songs, practicing and teaching each other.

Here's the video that I made showing our YW doing the 'YW Camp Cup Song'...unfortunately the audio isn't too clear to make out what they are singing, but it was fun putting it together...and one day I will do a video of a couple of the YW singing it, hopefully some time soon?!

And I thought you might like the words to the song too...I know, I'm too kind, lol??!?

Enjoy singing your heart out while tapping n slapping those cups.

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