Thursday, 21 January 2016

DIY Stocking Hanger

I made this Christmas stocking hanger for our family last Christmas as our mantle was looking a bit overcrowded!!  I used wood for my back board, but mdf would be fine to use, and cheaper too.  My wood measures approximately 81cm x 22cm, with a thickness of 2cm.  I sanded it all down just to get rid of some rough patches and make it nice and smooth, and then applied 3 coats of my chosen colour.  Then using a Sharpie paint pen I wrote all the wording on which was easy peasy as I used the same technique as my 'Silent Night Christmas board'

As I was shaking my Sharpie paint pen to get more paint on the nib, I ended up having some lovely white 'snow' fall onto my board, so then I had to adapt what I'd planned and do the same all over, which was rather fun!  Luckily this crafting mistake didn't end up in tears but I think it actually gave it that finishing touch.

Once the writing was all dry, I attached two sawtooth hangers to the back a few inches from either end, and then screwed in the hooks evenly onto the front of the board....Ho Ho Ho our stocking hanger was finally complete!!

A Very Happy and Belated Merry Christmas to you all,


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