Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Punch (Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine)

I love all the smells that Christmas brings, and making (and smelling) Christmas punch is one of them.  As you can see from the photo above this recipe only needs 2 ingredients and is quick to make, so it's great for this busy time of year and also caters for surprise drop-ins, as both ingredients can be stored in the cupboard till needed.
1 litre of Red Grape Juice
2 sachets of mulled wine spice 
(the box above had 4 in it)
Optional - apple cut into small chunks

Put red grape juice and sachets (and apple chunks) into a large saucepan.  
Heat to just below boiling point and hold this temperature for 10 mins.
Remove sachets with tongs and it's ready to serve...let it cool down for a bit before serving, as it's a tad hot!!

On the box it suggests using Cranberry Juice and 'garnishing' (very posh!) with a slice of orange just before serving, so I might have to give that one a try too, yum yum yum.

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