Thursday, 20 December 2012

Keep Calm and Remember It's Christmas

I loved making my last 'Keep Calm' image and it has already had over 200 views since posting it two months ago!!  And although that is great, and it has a wonderful just hasn't sat with right with me.  As I spoke with my mum on the phone today and the obvious topic of Christmas came up, she said how we (especially mothers) can put ourselves under so much pressure for that one perfect Christmas day....a perfect dinner, present, decorations, clothes etc.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and all of it's trimmings, but when I think of a perfect Christmas it's time spent with family, laughing, sharing, talking, looking out for those in need, that is what I love about Christmas...and isn't that the way it should be.

So when the turkey gets burnt, a bauble gets broken, the latest gadget is out of stock and your new clothes are less than desirable, I think  I/we need to step back and remember what Christmas is really about......

Merry Christmas xx

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