Thursday, 10 January 2013

Adapted words to 'A Happy Family'

I'm one of those people that makes up crazy random songs about anything to sing to myself or to my either know what I mean or you're now saying 'huh!!!!!'

Anyway, I started singing 'A Happy Family' from the Children's songbook to one of my children and I couldn't remember all the words...I know it's a really, really short song, but it must of been one of those days where my brain was mush!!  So of course, I made up my own words and now we sing it like that all the time...apart from when we are at church of course :)

We change the words just like in the original song to mummy, and we use our children's names too, and they love it....I know this sounds really cheesy but we have often sung it as we have sat around the dinner table waiting for people to finish or for pudding.  The children (and us) can't help but smile as everyone around the table is singing the song just for you, it never grows old!  Hope you like it too :)

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