Friday, 4 January 2013

See Others As They May Become

President Monson gave a wonderful talk during the Priesthood session at Conference which I was asked to teach and discuss in Relief Society...unfortunately two of my children were sick the night before and then I became ill too, so I never got to teach it :(

It has a wonderful message (as expected), and as I was preparing my lesson this sentence popped out at me.  Now weeks later, as I looked over it again I noticed that it was also the summary heading of the talk...and it reminded me of the image that came into my mind.  So I designed it, and now I'm sharing it...hoping that although I didn't get to teach my lesson, somebody may be touched by this wonderful statement of truth. 


  1. Thank you for creating such a wonderful design. I have been assigned to prepare and give this talk in RS this month. I love your artwork.


    1. Thanks Kim...good luck with your lesson :)