Wednesday, 22 August 2012

50 Songs from the 1970s LDS Friend magazines

Yep, the photo above is of me from the '70s...moving on quickly then!! :)

Well I've recently been called as our Ward Music Chairman and have been rooting around the internet for some additional songs that our choir or smaller groups could sing, and I thought where better to start than the Church website.  I've been at it for 3 hours and I've only managed to list the songs in the Friend magazine from the 1970s!!...and three of those years didn't even have any songs!!!

Some of the songs listed can now be found in the Hymn book or the Children's Songbook but I have still included them as sometimes they have different piano arrangements, there's even a piano duet for 'I Hope They Call Me on a Mission'.  

simp. version = simplified/easy version
1v = one verse to the song, 2v = two verses and so on.

The Golden Plates (2v) Jan 
Saturday (1v) Mar
I Know That My Redeemer Lives (simp. version, 1v) April 
Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning (simp. version, 1v) May                 
Father, We Thank Thee For The Night (1v) June 
Come, Come Ye Saints (4v) July 
Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice (1v) Aug 
Come, Ye Thankful People (2v) Nov 
Christmas Song (3v) Dec 

I Am My Heavenly Father's Child (2v) Feb
In Humility, Our Saviour (1v) Apr
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission (2v, secondo and primo) May
I Pray to My Heavenly Father (1v) June 
My Country (2v) July
Come, Follow Me (1v) Aug
Repentance (1v) Sept
A Child's Prayer (3v) Dec

Word of Wisdom Promises (3v) May
Fathers (3v) June
My Flag, My Flag (1v) July
Come, Ye Children of the Lord (3v) Aug
Keep the Commandments (1v) Sept
When He Comes (2v) Oct
Children All Over the World (1v) Nov
Lullaby (1v) Dec

Have a Very Happy Birthday (3v) Jan
Our Easter Song (1v) Apr
My Father Taught Me (3v) June
Blessed America (1v) July
Lullaby (3v) Aug
We Thank Thee (3v) Nov
Who Is the Child? (2v) Dec

Other Sheep Have I (1v) Jan
Did Jesus Really Live Again? (3v) Apr
Repentance (2v) June
When Jesus Christ Was Baptized (2v) July
When Jesus Was on Earth (3v) Aug
Love One Another (1v) Sept
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem (3v) Dec

Easter Day (1v) Mar
Hear the Raindrops (3v) Apr
When Mother Bakes (2v) May
Pioneer Children (3v) July
Hymn of Thanks (3v) Nov
Have a Very Merry Christmas (3v) Dec

Come, Follow Me (piano duet) Apr
Building a Temple (1v) May
My Evening Prayer (2v) June 
Thanksgiving Song (2v) Nov
Little Jesus (2v) Dec

 These songs can be great for FHE, ward choirs, or as musical items.  I will hopefully get around to finding and listing the other songs from the magazines too....but feel free to do it and if you do, pleaseeeee let me have the link, thank you :) 

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  1. The music section in has now been updated so that you can search through all the magazines to find music that has been published in's the link, Lorraine xx