Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Daddy's interviews

We've decided to try and make our children's interviews more of a regular occurrence, so every first Sunday of the month is what it's gonna be...so 6 down, only 10,000 more to go!!

As my husband started interviewing our oldest child (interview #1), they were discussing Jesus' life and stumbled upon the scripture below-

From this my husband realised that we needed to help the children to set goals in all of the areas mentioned in this verse to help them to grow up to be good people, who followed the example of the Saviour.  So from wisdom=education, stature=physical, in favour with God=relationship with God, in favour with man=relationship with family (and friends).

We've laminated these for the kids on different coloured card so that they stick them next to their beds, so that they can see the goals they have set and rub them out when they're done and put on a new one.

This scripture has now become our motto for the year, and I will hopefully get around to stencilling it onto some wood soon (well, I'm hoping to do it before the end of the year!!!)


  1. I'm owed one kugall for writing this comment. blog looks good

    1. Haha, but only because you are my brother...thanks :)