Friday, 23 March 2012

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

After hearing this talk in General Conference in April 2010, I made the chart below for help us to read and study John in the New Testament...each of the squares represent a page in the LDS edition of the Kings James Bible.

As you can see it has also been used to practice spellings on and just general scribbles, makes it look loved, don't you think??!!?...I made a simpler chart below where one letter can be coloured in when a chapter is read.  Feel free to copy the image and photocopy it for personal use.

This is the bit from Neil L. Andersen's talk that mentions reading the book of John....the rest of the talk is lovely too - 
Do our children say, “Tell me the stories of Jesus I love to hear”? 33
To the youth and children: Live up to your important responsibilities and great spiritual capacities. Seek to know more about Jesus; open the scriptures. One idea would be to read again the book of John and then discuss it with your parents, teachers, and each other.
Our family have really felt the spirit and a greater love of the Saviour as we have read, we have yet to finish...but we are loving every minute of it. 

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