Monday, 19 March 2012

The Power of Scripture

FHE is over for tonight and although it was one of our better ones, tears were still shed :(...we will get their in the end :)  Anyway, we used the first talk from Conference by Elder Richard G. Scott entitled 'The Power of Scripture'.

My daughter and me started the lesson by sharing how important the scriptures are and that one of the apostles talked about it at conference, we then watched a bit of Elder Scott's talk...we only watched a teeny bit of it, from 2:15-3:26mins.  My daughter handed out pieces of paper with the quote below on and separated us into groups to read through it and highlight the words that told us the blessings that come from memorizing the scriptures.

We shared what blessings we had found and then extended the challenge to memorize a, we chose to start off with our family scripture for the year which is Luke 2:52.  We read through it once and then showed them poster below (whipped up a few minutes before)'s the first letter of each word in the verse, we then recited it again. 

Next we had the words of the scripture cut out and the kids loved sorting them out to get them in order.  They worked together in pairs (using the 'first letter poster' above as a help) and then by themselves... and being the competitive type it of course had to be timed...daddy won with 20 seconds!!

The older 4 children could recite the scripture by the end of the evening, so that was really good...I'm going to make a prettier and laminated copy of the above game so that they can play it again, and it will help them to remember it a bit more...another handy activity to keep them entertained on Sundays:)

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  1. wonderful way for the children to learn scriptures...and so much fun too!! xx