Friday, 30 March 2012

Our Top 10 Rainy Day Activities

 I'm really hoping the sun will shine for the whole  two weeks of half term but I have a feeling that the  'April Showers' will make an appearance soon :(  So I find it really handy to have a few games/activities that are quick and easy, and will help to disperse the feelings of cabin fever....even if it's only for a few minutes.  Below are mine and the kids top 10...and they work, most of the time!!

1. Keep Fit Stations - make several posters of different fun exercises that kids can do and then stick them around the house...put some music on and let the kids go from one station to the next.

2. Spring Cleaning - give the kids a wet rag each, and ask them to wipe down surfaces, doors and skirting etc....I know it sounds like slave labour but my kids love it!!  And if they are a bit older, give them the real cleaning kids go to town when they have these and clean everything in sight...I actually have to ask them to stop, would you believe it!!
3. Make their own board games - stick several pieces of paper together to make a large game board, give the kids some felt tips/crayons and let them go for it.  We've had princess, aliens, trivia and not quite sure what games :)  Some of ours are still being used a couple of years on.

4. Wallpaper murals - Get a roll of plain lining paper and unroll it and let the kids draw a never-ending mural...and what's wonderful is they can keep going to their hearts content.  It's also great for them to show you what they've been learning at school, my kids did one and then took it to school to show in assembly....if I'd realised this was the outcome I wouldn't have been so flamboyant in my drawings, hahaa!
5. Movie time - an all-time classic, we rearrange the furniture, put on a movie, turn down the lights, and cuddle up with treats and popcorn....and you might even be able to sneak in a little nap too, woohoo!!
6. Card and craft making - make and decorate a card for a relative, neighbour or friend, then post it when the sun comes out...or let the kids go crazy with your recycling, some glue and sticky tape.
7.  Baking - I can't say I've done alot of baking with all 6 kids at once, normally only a few are interested at the time...but all six have enjoyed the finished product, mmmmm!!
8. Build a tent - yep, you've guessed it, get all the blankets, duvets and a stash load of pegs and turn an area/room into a soft, comfortable but somewhat haphazard tent. 
9. Lunch abroad - eat your lunch/snack in a room you wouldn't normally, the kids will love the change of location and hopefully you will squeal with excitement too.
10. Invite friends over - I know this might seem like you are putting more fuel on the fire, but 90% of the time this actually works out for the house has actually been quieter and calmer with 11 kids than it is with my 6!!!  Who would have thought it!!?!?!

I hope you and your brood have fun during the upcoming April showers??!!?  
Good luck :)

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