Saturday, 10 March 2012

Preparing for General Conference

This month in the Ensign there is a wonderful talk by Mark A. Barrionuevo entitled 'Preparing for General Conference'.  It got me to thinking about what we do to get ready for Conference as a family.
I love watching General Conference, and like a lot of people I find it really handy to take notes as it helps me to concentrate, note down impressions, a few years ago we got 'Conference Notebooks' for our kids too to help them to get more out of Conference....and so far it's worked!!  We all have exactly the same books and they have certainly improved their reverence and have even given me a few moments to jot down a few notes of my own :)
Just in case you can't read the writing in the bottom photo it reads - 'We love the prophet.  We believe in the prophets.  We no (know) that the prophet is true. He said the world is going crazy.  In this world some people are silly.'  My 5 year old daughter wrote this from October 2011, I'm going to have to go back and reread the Prophet's talk :)

For the next FHE following conference the kids look through their notes and share with us something they have learnt, a talk they enjoyed can be really inspiring (and might I add, quite entertaining).

Below are some links to other Conference activities and ideas that you might like and are handy to have at your fingertips with little ones about - 

LDS Website - includes Conference Notebook, Conference Squares, Conference Colouring.
Bingo and photo stickers - 8 different General Conference Bingos and photo stickers.
Junior Primary General Conference Packet - a collection of lots of different activities and crafts for 4-9 year old.
Nursery General Conference Packet - suitable for 2-4 year old, lots of crafts and activities.
General Conference Activity Book - compiled using pages from the Friend and some original pages too.
General Conference Ties - colour in the tie of the pictured prophet or apostle when they speak.
Gospel Topic Bingo - 5 different bingo cards that can be used for General Conference.
General Authority Matching and Go Fish - a printable games for the kids to play to help them learn the First Presidency and the 12 Apostles.
Conference Baggies - put pictures of the prophet and apostles on activity/treat bags and the children get to open them when the specific person speaks.
General Conference Bingo - this site randomly generates different bingo just keep printing!!
My General Conference Journal - has colouring pages, activities and note-taking ideas.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming General Conference with your family and that maybe some of the ideas above will help you (and your children) get more from Conference.

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